User centered
Freelance designer
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User experience & User Interface are my specialty, but I can also write HTML, CSS, JS, develop websites using WordPress, give advice, take critique and sing along while doing it.

Process & Planning

It may sound like a Tarantino movie (or any action one) but yeah,
grab your drink and check out these 6 steps
User research
The hero

Key to success of every good business is understanding users needs.

Define problem
The bad guy

Start with a simple research and identify the problem.

Gather inspiration
The girl

Use Pinterest, Behance, Dribble as main weapons in search for inspiration.

Generate Ideas
Plot twist

After collecting data, brainstorm some creative ideas to implement in our product.

The rescue

Jump to prototyping tool and merge all the research and ideas together.

The end.. or is it?

Finally, put our product to the test, but be ready to do these steps again, if needed.


Case studies

Do your research guys! Or just dont, your call.

Logo design

Be sure to make a good first impression!

Let's get to work!